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How To Remove Stain in Teeth

Here I introduce a tip to remove stain in teeth.sometimes many persons brush twice daily but there is stain in their teeth and gum, this tip helps to reduce this stain.there will be more stain in smoking days more dental clinics are available but this is the simple and easiest way for reduce stain.a ginger piece ,half lemon and salt needed for this

Take a cleaned ginger piece and pound it in a stone cistern.then add half lemon juice into it ,then add 1/4 teaspoon salt and mix it.apply this mix on your teeth and gum by using a brush then wash naturally.upward and downward movement is suitable for brushing,do not use horizontal movement in brushing. you can use this mixture twice daily.this tip helps to prevent coming blood from gum and also helps to gum become try this tip after brushing or use this mixture as your paste.

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